Archero Mod APK v2.0.2 Unlimited Money [Fully Unlocked]

If you are looking for Archero Mod APK, which has unlimited money and unlimited coins, then you can easily download this app from our website, Which is fully available for download with premium features. Archero Mod Apk is the most liked arcade action game where you play the role of Archero, and you have the responsibility to protect this world from evil forces. At the beginning of the game, you have to fight evil forces where you only have a bow.

Archero Mod APK

Archero is currently only available on Android and iOS operating systems. Its free version, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store, has some limitations where you can use only a few select features. If you want to use other premium features, then you have to pay for it. In Archero Mod APK you will be given unlimited coins and unlimited money, by using it you can increase Archero’s talent and also add new skills.

In today’s post, I am going to share the Archero Mod APK file with you because this game provides real-world experience. This game is top-rated among action games available in the arcade category, where you can enjoy the archery. In which you can see yourself as an Archero where you complete many missions on the strength of your intellect and courage. This game will look like a historical battle where you will feel that you have come to an old age where you have to fight with the monster, where evil forces will block your way.

There is a total of 15 chapters in this game, which also has many different types of missions to play. Initially, it will be effortless to play the game, but as the level of the game increases, new monsters will continue to come, whose powers will be much higher than the earlier monsters, as the game progresses, new monsters will come to kill you. Whose powers will be immense, but you do not need to worry. At every level of the game, you will be given new skills, with the help of which you can quickly complete the upcoming missions.

After completing some missions, a Healing Angel asks to add three new skills each time to update Archeo’s abilities, but can only add one power at a time.

What Is Archero Mod Apk?

Archero Mod Apk is a modified version of the Archero arcade action game available on the Play Store, designed for unlimited money and coins, with unrestricted funds to use all premium things for free. Using Unlimited Gems and Coins in this app, you can upgrade Archero’s weapon, locket, armour, spirit, and bracelet, ring. With the help of Archero Mod, it will be easy to upgrade Archero’s talent as this app provides never-ending gems and coins.

Features Of Archero Mod Apk

Archero Mod Apk is entirely different from the Archero game available on the Play Store, in which you get all the premium features that are not available in the Archero game available on the Play Store. With the help of this app, you can enjoy features like Unlimited Health Power, Unlimited Coins, which will help you in fighting many battles. Below I have highlighted all the features of this modified version, which you can see.

  • Unlimited Money and Unlimited Coins.
  • Unlimited gems are available in it, with the help of which you can unlock many treasure chests.
  • You can increase the power of the equipment.
  • World map of Archero game will get full unlock in which all the chapters you can play.
  • In this, you get God Mode, with the help of this you will be able to beat all the monsters quickly.
  • Can easily upgrade all Weapons
  • This mod apk provides unlimited health boost, attack boost, attack speed boost
  • You can update the talent very quickly.
  • Unlimited Gems is available to update the capabilities.
  • All superheroes unlocked.

Chapters Of Archero Mod Apk

Archero is an open-world game in which you will get to see its map in the beginning, which will have many chapters. There are so many stages in these chapters. All these stages are enjoyable and exciting to play.

If you do not finish the chapter in the first chance, then you have to start that chapter from the beginning. Which seems very dull, I have given the list of all the Chapter of Archero’s map below.

Verdant Prairie

Verdant Prairie is the first chapter of Archero, which is very easy to play. This chapter initially represents as soon as the game starts. It has long, vast fields of lush grass where it is fun to hunt. This chapter is of 50 stages, in which Archero has to fight with many demons With whom it becomes challenging to fight. If you talk about the difficulties of this chapter, then you will be able to complete this chapter very quickly.

Storm Desert

Storm Desert is the second chapter of Archero, where storms are prevalent. In this chapter also there are a total of 50 stages. In this chapter, you will get to see new monsters, and even these monsters will have more power than the earlier monsters.

Abandoned Dungeon

The Abandoned Dungeon is the third chapter of the world map of the Archaeo, which has a total of 20 stages, in this chapter you can be afraid because, in this chapter, there is a dark dungeon where you will feel very dark and scary. Archero’s capabilities will also be upgraded by the time it comes, which will help in fighting the future monsters.

Crystal Mines

Crystal Mines is the fourth chapter of Archero’s world map, which automatically unlocks after completing the third chapter. This chapter has an atmosphere like crystal mines. The monsters here are quite powerful who have strange powers. There is a total of 50 stages in this chapter where you will have the experience of real fighting.

Lost Castle

Lost Castle is the fifth chapter of Archero, containing a total of 50 stages. This chapter consists of an ancient palace that looks like a ghostly ruin here you will feel in the old castle. Here you will see circumcised monsters, which will be challenging to fight. But by coming to this chapter, Archero’s skills will be upgraded to such a level that they can easily defeat these monsters.

Cave Of Bones

Cave of Bones is the sixth chapter of the Archero’s world map, with a total of 20 stages in which the Archero will fight with 14 different monsters and four bosses. Where the desert environment is, this place is home to many demons, where you will need the New Skills, New Weapons, and New talent while fighting the demons. While advancing in this game, you will have to improve your shooting so that you can easily fight the dangerous monsters coming forward.

Barrens Of Shadow

Barrens of Shadow is the seventh chapter of Archero’s world map. In which there are 20 stages, in these stages, you have to fight with 21 types of monsters and nine types of bosses. The difficulty of this chapter is easy, and you can easily overcome this chapter. This chapter is home to powerful monsters. You will not even know where, when the monster stops your path. So you have to be very careful in this chapter.

Silent Expanse

Silent Expanse is the eighth chapter of Archero’s world map. In which you get to see 50 stages, this chapter is a bit hard, where there are 13 types of monsters and five bosses to fight. You will have no idea of the dangers coming forward in this chapter. You have to be ready for all these dangers.

Frozen Pinnacle

Frozen Pinnacle is the ninth chapter of the Archero World Map, which has a total of 50 stages. Where you have to fight nine types of monsters and five top-class bosses, monsters coming in this chapter will be dangerous, as well as in this level you will have to face icy winds, in these cold winds, your ice cream can also freeze. If we talk about the difficulty of this chapter, then this chapter is of a medium level.

Land Of Doom

Land of Doom is the tenth chapter of the Archero World Map, which has a total of 20 stages Where you have to fight nine types of monsters and four top-class bosses. There will be many terrible monsters to be seen in this chapter. This chapter has been named the evil dungeon where many monsters are hidden, and all these monsters will stop your path when the time comes. Many levels in it will be very hard, which can be difficult for you to play.

The Capital

The Capital Archero is 11 chapters of the game with 50 stages. These stages also have different levels. You will see 17 types of monsters and five super-powerful bosses in these stages, which are sure to fight you. If you talk about the difficulty of this chapter, then this chapter will be tough for you. In this chapter there is a ghost palace where wandering ghosts are inhabited, here you will find many such monsters with whom you will have to fight

Dungeon Of Traps

Dungeon of Traps is the twelfth chapter of the Archero game with 30 stages. The levels of this chapter are elementary, and you will very easily cross this chapter. In this chapter, you will fight 12 powerful monsters and three super-powerful bosses. Still, you will be able to beat all these monsters easily because Archero Mod Apk has unlimited health power and immense damage.

Lava Land

Lava Land is the thirteenth chapter of the Archero game which has a total of 50 stages. While playing this chapter, you will have to fight many monsters and also face many super-powerful bosses. This chapter looks like a volcano where lava flows all around it. There will be many types of demons, whose power will prevent you from moving forward. Upon completion of each level, an angel helps to increase our health power and our damage power.

Eskimo Lands

Eskimo Lands is the second last chapter of the Archero Mod Apk game. It means to say that this is the fourteenth chapter. There are ten stages in this chapter. While playing this chapter, you will feel that you have come to the snowy plains. Here all the monsters are hidden under the snow, which can come out and attack you anytime.

This chapter is going to be very difficult because the difficulty of this chapter is very high. A total of 2 super powerful monsters will come while playing the game, which is going to be very difficult for you to fight. You have to use your mind while playing this game so that your health power is not too much decree, and you can complete this chapter in one go.

Keep in mind that if you lose at any level, then you have to start the whole episode, Which will be very dull for you. But you do not need to worry. In this Archero Mod Apk, you get unlimited health power and unlimited damage feature, with the help of which you can play this chapter, and you will be able to complete this game with great ease.

Pharaoh’s Chamber

Pharaoh’s Chamber is the last chapter of the Archero game. It means to say that this is the Fifteenth chapter. If you have reached the Fifteenth chapter of this game, then it means that you have completed all the 14 sections behind. You have learned something from all the levels you have crossed so far, but now your real test is going to be because this is the last chapter of this game which is going to be very hard.

I have to play this game personally, and I found this chapter very hard because the monsters that come here have a lot of power. For those whom you cannot kill in normal mode, you will need unlimited health power. The design of this chapter looks like the pyramid of Egypt, where you will get the feel of ancient times. If you have reached this last chapter, then it means that you have liked this game very much.

Heroes Of Archero

At the beginning of the game, you find a superhero who does not have extraordinary powers, with the help of which you clear the first chapter of the Archero game. After the first chapter is complete, you will see the option of Hero Selection to unlock all 12 superheroes in this game. By unlocking these superheroes, you can play all the chapters of this game comfortably. Below I have told you about these 12 superheroes that you can read.

Atreus: Atreus is the first character of the Archero game, with the help of which crosses the first chapter of the world map very easily. This hero does not have such an extraordinary ability; in the beginning, it is not as powerful as the rest of the heroes. One of its unique things is that Atreus can change his appearances with any Armorer that the rest of the heroes cannot.

Urasil: Urasil is the second character of the game, which automatically becomes available in the Hero section after chapter two of the World Map of the Archero game is unlocked. It is lovely to watch. The unique thing about Urasil is that it has mastered the Madison field, due to which it knows everything about different poisons. Its special attack is a poison attack. When you attack a monster, you also get Poison’s effect with attack power, which will be a dangerous and deadly attack. This hero is available for free. You can select it without paying any money.

Phoren: Phoren is also a brilliant hero who also has many powers. Its powers are also quite impressive. It requires 50,000 coins to unlock it. Phoren has the unique ability to attack flames, which damages the monster. It looks like some Urasil. Hero’s maximum power level completes when upgraded to level 8. After updating to max level, the power of this Hero increases significantly, which helps in clearing many chapters.

Taranis: Taranis is born of lightning. Whoever has the power to control electricity, can put this electricity in any form, it can make full use of its power. This hero is not available to free, 1000 gems are required to unlock this hero.

Helix: Helix is ​​a tribe warrior whose strength no one can withstand. The unique thing about Helix is ​​that it also gives excellent damage to its enemies in Flame Health Power and trounces them. It looks like a wolf that has covered the entire body of the wolf’s skin. One thousand five hundred (15000) gems are required to unlock this hero. After opening this character, you will be able to clear a lot of missions quickly. The Power, Strength and Ability of the Helix are ​​excellent.

Meowgik: Meowgik is a cat-looking game hero character Who is wearing a long blue cap on his head, and this hero’s dress looks like a magician’s costume. Talking about the power of this superhero, it can attack its enemies automatically. It swoops in like a cat when approaching enemies. Its health power starts at 550 points, and attack power starts at 135 points. One thousand eight hundred (1800) gems are required to unlock this hero. Meowgik is created by mixing cat power with magic, so try not to underestimate Meowgik.

Shari: Shari is a female superhero who has many unique powers. She looks gorgeous. Shari is born in a magical woodland. Where she spends most of the time with nature., and she loves the natural environment. Talking about its appearances, Shari is wearing a golden necklace around her neck and has bird wings behind her neck, covering half of her face with a golden mask. His health power is 550 points, and attack power is 135 points. You can unlock this female superhero only at the time of the special event.

Onir: Onir is the son of Light. He takes his powers from Light. He is very handsome, and his whole body is thick. Its hair is always shining, its health power is 650 points, and attack power is 140 points. Its attack power is also dangerous. Talking about its costumes, it is wearing a white color dress that reminds of ancient warriors. This warrior is always ready to fight, and whose powers are immense, his eyes are green. To unlock this hero, we have to buy it from the Hero Collection section for $ 9.

Rolla: Rolla is the most beautiful female superhero of the Archero game. She can control the snow, and she is the queen of icy areas where she handles all her kingship. If we talk about its beauty, then Rolla looks very beautiful. She wears a princess-like dress and wears a crown on her head. There is a blue colored diamond in the center of that crown.

Rola has blue eyes, which is very sweet. If talking about its powers, it can freeze enemies for a long time. In the beginning, its attack power is 180 points, and health power is 500 points. But there is a problem here, this super girl is not available, for this, you have to pay some money. Its price is $ 16 in the Hero Collection section, which you can buy easily and enjoy the entire game.

Bonnie: Bonnie is a compassionate female superhero who distributes all the loot of the rich to the poor. She looks like a pirate who is wearing a pirate hat on her head, and her eyes are pink. She is wonderful. Her attack power is 150 points initially, and health power is 400 points. Talking about Bonnie’s skills, it can clone itself. She can easily deceive her enemies. If we talk about its price, then its price is close to $ 9, which you can quickly pay, but not everyone will be able to pay such a vast amount. But this is a great character with which you will want to play this game.

Sylvan: Sylvan is a very kind elf prince and a king helping the poor. He loves nature so much. His hair is golden coloured, speaking of her dress, she is wearing a beautiful elf dress, it has green eyes, which is very beautiful. He has a lot of power in him, which he uses when the time comes. If we talk about its attacking force, then it is 160 point, and health power is 600 point. You can buy it from the Hero Collection section, for this, you have to pay a considerable amount. You will love playing Archero game with this character very much.

Shade: The shade is the Queen of the Night who has the power to control Shadows. She can transform herself into a shadow and even destroy the shadow of her enemies. The shade is the mistress of evil forces who has a lot of attacking power which increases her speed. She has an attacking power of 170 points and health power of 550 points, which is quite high, she kills her enemies in the blink of an eye. If we talk about her appearances, then it has two long ears. She is wearing a magical dress of blue color, and her eyes are yellow-colored. You can buy it from the Archero Hero Collection for $ 18.

Non-Playable Characters Of Archero

While playing Archero game, you will get to see many types of non-playable characters, which means you will not control them. These non-playable characters will come when your mission completes. Which will give you some options to improve your health power and attacking power, out of which you have to select one option as per your wish.

Below I have provided a list of these non-playable characters which you can see.

  • Angels: Angel comes to increase your Health Power Boost, Strong Heart, Attack Boost, Attack Speed, and Crit Master ability.
  • Master: The master sometimes comes with an angel who speaks to increase health power and attack power.
  • The Devil: Devil gives us abilities like Multishot, Major Crit, Through the Wall, Front Arrow + 1, Attack boost (Major), Attack Speed Boost (Major), Water Walker, Shield Guard in exchange for our health power.
  • Lucky Wheel: The Lucky Wheel automatically appears after the missions complete, which rotates when clicked on the Start button and gives us a precise amount of coins whenever it stops.
  • Mysterious Vendor: Mysterious Vendor is visible only on special occasions, which gives us Weapons, Armor, Spirit, and Ring.

Equipment Of Archero

While playing the Archero game, some Weapons, Armor, Bracelets, Spirit, and Ring, Lockets are given, which help us to fight the demons. Below I have explained all these equipment that you can read.

  • Armor
  • Rings
  • Spirits
  • Lockets
  • Bracelets
  • Weapons

How To Download Archero Mod Apk?

As you all know, it is tough to play Archero game. If your health power is not unlimited, then you will not be able to clear any of its chapters due to which further sections will not be unlocked. Keeping this in mind, I have provided Archero Mod Apk. I have explained below some steps to download. You can easily download this app by following them.

  • To download this app, you have to click on the link given below.
  • After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to Google Drive, where you will be able to download this app with great ease.
  • Apk file will start downloading in a few moments.
  • Thanks!

How To Install Archero Mod Apk?

In the above section I have already told you how to download this game. Now you have to follow the steps given below, which explains how to install Archero Mod Apk file.

How To Install Archero Mod Apk
  • Archero Mod Apk is Download. You need to find it in the download folder. When you see the file, click on it.
  • Now you will see the option of Settings, where the choice of Install Unknown Apps will appear, click on that option and activate it.
  • After doing this, the installation option will appear, click on that option.
  • Now the installation process will begin.
  • Wait for a little.
  • Open the app after the installation process is over.
  • Now you can enjoy this game to the fullest.
  • Thanks!

Follow This: Download App> Click On it> Activate> Install Unknown Apps> Now Install> All Done> Now Enjoy

What’s New

  • Added a new Pharaoh’s Chamber chapter.
  • Bug fixes.
  • New features armor.
  • New Weapons Added.
  • The graphics of the game is improved.
  • New superheroes added.

Download Archero Mod Apk

Now you can download this Archero Mod Apk file from the link given below, in which all the premium features are available, with the help of which you can clear this game very quickly.

Archero Mod Apk
App NameArchero Mod Apk
Size83 MB
Mod Version1.4.9
Requires Android5.0 and up
Offered ByHabby
Operating SystemAndroid
Mod FeaturesPremium Features Unlocked
Updated OnA Few Days Ago

Download Archero IOS

Download Archero IOS

As you all know, the Archero game is as popular on the Android platform as it is on the popular IOS platform. You can download this app for your iPhone from our site, whose link I have provided below.


  1. What is the best weapon in Archero?

    Brave Bow is the best weapon of the Archero game, with the help of which you can overcome all the chapters with great ease. Brave Bow has 100% damage and 100% attack speed.

  2. What are the best rings in Archero?

    Lion Ring is the best and powerful ring of the Archero game, with the help of this you can beat monsters.

  3. Which hero is best in Archero?

    Onir and Sylvan are the best and most powerful heroes of the Archero game. You can choose any one of these two. The powers of both are incomparable.


I hope you have downloaded the Archero Mod Apk from the downloading link given above. This game is the best in the action arcade game category available on the Play Store because there are different types of monsters in each chapter, which increases the thrill of playing this game.

I have played this game as much as I know it is challenging to play this game. You cannot play a chapter continuously without losing because this game has such a dangerous monster that will kill you in the first place, due to which the game has to be played from the beginning very often.

If you want to play this game non-stop, then you can download Archero Mod Apk file, which has premium features like Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Power, and Unlimited Attack Boost. By using these premium features, you can clear this game very quickly.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if you like this article, then you can share it with your friends so that everyone can enjoy this popular game. If you face any kind of problem in downloading, then you can contact us.